San Francisco Photo Booth Props custom-made

When I started the blog, we never anticipated that photo booth props would be such a big hit for us. We still do all kind of things party related, but photo booth props have become the focus right now. I love that other people also like our props and we get custom requests. One of the requests was for a wedding in San Francisco. We just finished the props and they came out great. I love San Francisco (Chris and I visited this amazing city last summer) and when I heard about the request, I got super excited. There is so much material you could do…. Now since they are photo booth props, we did not want to feature just landmarks, so the idea of the “Lombard Street Tie” was born… Now there were many other things I would have liked to do and I am sure we could do a complete new set for San Francisco, but I am excited about how it came out.

One of my favorites is of course the sea lions…. Almost as cute as the real ones at Pier 39. The crab hat was also inspired by my visit last year. Eva really liked the hippie glasses and even wore a hippie dress with peace signs… (this is devotion, hahaha).

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