European championship photo booth props – the ultimate soccer fan accessory

I just posted a post about soccer memories of the world cup in 2006. There was already much soccer excitement before the European cup had even started, because Luca was not sure which team he will choose (meaning Italy or Germany)….

We had to make soccer photo booth props! We actually have another similar set (when the European cup is over) for all soccer fans. But for now we are all the way focused on the championship. Since being a fan is all about the country, it was a nice challenge to make something personalized for each country. We used Germany, Italy and France as examples, but our props can be personalized for any country participating in the cup. Just let us know the country and we will send a flag and other personalized fan accessories inside the set.

We could have been a little earlier, but now (Chris is watching the game Germany – Portugal right now) I am in total soccer mood. Actually they just won… GO GERMANNNNNYYYYYYYYYYY….. I hope after checking out our pictures you are also in total soccer mood!

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2 thoughts on “European championship photo booth props – the ultimate soccer fan accessory

  1. Alice

    Lovely props look really good do you sell these at all ?

    • hi, yes we do…. You can either find them in our etsy or ebay shop or I can send you a paypal invoice directly. We are also working on a shop for our website, but for now just send us an e-mail to and I will send you the invoice. Thanks.

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