The European championship has started – memories from the past….

I am really excited that the European championship has started. With my husband being Italian (and me being from Germany) it makes soccer championships in general already really competitive. We got married during the world cup in 2006, which Italy fortunately had won. It was a fantastic summer and while I was not the biggest soccer fan, it was so much fun to get all made up and push some “Italian buttons”. When Germany played and lost against Italy, it was an entire Italian restaurant full of Italians against my sister and I.

We still had a lot of fun and my “new marriage” was not jeopardized. My husband is very Italian when it comes to soccer and he wouldn’t have taken it lightly. With Italy becoming a champion it was a summer of celebrating and parties. Fun memories…. Here is a photo shoot with my animals which were also German fans at the time…


The last European cup was fun too with Luca being a baby…

For this year (since it is the year of the photo props) we designed the ultimate fan accessory… It will (and would have in the past) make our viewing party so much more fun… I can’t wait tu use them:

They are available on etsy:

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