Luca and I are making hot dog/spaghetti Octopi


Since the party last weekend was a BBQ with burgers and hot dogs, we still had some hot dog sausages left. I wanted to do something fun, since Luca loves to help in the kitchen. He wanted to make a sausage cake. Yum… maybe next time. Alternatively we made octopi with pasta arms.

One of the kids favorite TV channels is sprout. Chica and Liz made these recently and we wanted to try them too. It was a lot of fun and a project that is perfect for a preschooler. It is not too difficult and can be done almost all by themselves. The spaghetti breaks easily, but Luca was really careful and managed to make them without my help. He was really proud and loved his lunch. (which is not always the case). The 7-8 minutes might be hard, but we cooked the pasta in two batches… He was counting the seconds on the timer, but the wait was worth it because he was allowed to eat his Octopus with his fingers. Double yummi factor for that…

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