good and bad

Since my last post about the beach props a lot of stuff happened – good and bad…

After my husband became US Citizen, we had an amazing USA party over Memorial weekend. We were preparing for this event for a while and I already talked about it several times before.

but on Friday before the party on her way back from my house, my sister had a terrible car accident. A drunk driver hit her car while driving through a red light. She was hit pretty bad and her car was destroyed completely and cannot be repaired. The driver of the other car fled the scene, but thanks to some brave witnesses was caught again. The police told us, she was lucky to be alive, because a split second later, it would have looked different. I am also grateful, because I love her a lot and I couldn’t stand the thought of losing her. But I am also angry that this still happens every day where drunk people drive and injure or kill others….  When it happens to you, you are in shock and cannot believe it. Thankfully she is alive…. But she is not fine, because of serious pain in her body everywhere, bruising and swelling and also the emotional pain. She cannot work right now. It makes it really difficult. It hurts me to see her, but we are taking extra special care of her right now.

This accident put a big damper on all the final preparations of the party and I was contemplating to cancel it. But Chris and I decided to do it anyways and I am happy we did…. It was nice and there were many happy moments. Since I had to finish the last preparations by myself,  some of my plans changed last-minute and not everything we had worked on was finished or was used for the party, but in the end it turned out fine…

Before the party we also took pictures of 2 sets of photo props: Pirates and movie night…. I did not have any time to do anything that was not USA related before the party, so I finally got to the sets now. I will post the pics shortly….

I am also  working on the pics for the party. Hope to have them up soon too…. It’s a lot and since I am by myself it will take a little longer…. But eventually everything will be up and running. Check back soon…

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