beach props, baby….

3 days ago, we received our first official request for photo props. That was great! We do appreciate each and every feedback we get. If you are interested in specific props, just send us an e-mail or leave a comment.

This request was for beach photo booth props. It was requested and voila (in record time for us) here it is:

it was such a fun theme, that we couldn’t stop working on it. We shot the pictures today and were really lucky. I really thought we could not do it, because the weather was terrible. Rain, rain, rain…..

We wanted to take the pictures at the beach of course, but it didn’t look possible with this sky:

We still took a chance and it paid off. We found a small part of the beach with no rain. It was pouring north and south of us and you could feel the thunderstorm getting closer. Since there wasn’t a lot of time, I parked right at the beach next to a sign that said “no parking” …. ups 😦

I really thought we would do the shoot and be back in the car quickly… nobody would notice… WRONG! Not even half through the photo shoot, a police car stopped. I ran to the officer and tried to explain the situation….

Of course I had to repark immediately, but thankfully did not get a ticket… Lesson learned… What an adventure…

We were still lucky, because the rain stayed away until we were finished with the shoot. As soon as we got inside the car, which was a couple blocks away it started to pour and didn’t stop. Here are our favorite shots. The props will be available on etsy:

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