a hearty breakfast or toad/heart in a hole plus a sweet surprise

Today my children and I made a special breakfast treat with an extra twist. I normally like to take some beautiful pictures of the result, but Luca and Giorgio did not want to wait at all. I snapped some pics while making the toast and also of the children enjoying their breakfast. I really would have liked to show off the end result more pretty, but I actually enjoyed the breakfast a lot…

From Egg in a hole, Toad in a Hole, Egg in a Basket to Hobo Eggs, this breakfast treat has many names. I really wanted to call it heart in a toast, but the heart disappeared during cooking. So how about the secret heart toast 🙂 ? Instead of toasting the heart and serve it with the egg toast, we decided to give it a sweet twist. When my sister and I were children, my Mom made this treat sometimes for us. In German you call it “rostige Ritter” which means rusty knights…. I guess it is a simple version of french toast here in the US.

But first back to the secret heart toast:

It is actually pretty easy to make. We cut out the hearts or holes with a cookie cutter and toasted them in a pan with some olive oil.

I lightly toasted one side, about 2 minutes, flipped and cracked the egg into the hole and seasoned with salt & pepper. Normally you would continue to cook until the egg is cooked and mostly firm. For the eggs of the children, I flipped it again to make sure the egg was cooked through completely and added a slice of cheese (which we cut out too). I guess with more time and for a prettier presentation, I would have broiled them in the oven, but we were hungry…

After this delicious first course, we made the second sweet part. I cracked one egg, scrambled it and added a teaspoon of sugar. Luca helped me to dip the hearts and cover them with the egg mixture. We toasted them on both sides in vegetable oil (or butter) until they were cooked through.

It was a nice change to the breakfast we usually have and the day began just a little sweeter….

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One thought on “a hearty breakfast or toad/heart in a hole plus a sweet surprise

  1. Beatrice Young

    It looks so delicious, that’s a great idea for our next breakfast too.

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