Kool-Aid dyed Easter Eggs

We finally did the Kool-Aid eggs. For this “garden coloring fest” we invited Kian, a friend of Luca. I figured, it would be kind of messy, therefore we colored the eggs in the garden (which was a good idea).

initially I wanted to dye eggs naturally with onions, blueberries, red cabbage etc, but since it involves boiling water, I decided it was safer and more fun to do the Kool-Aid eggs instead. We used 14 boiled eggs, 6 different packages of Kool-Aid drinking mixtures, water and of course some cookies on the side…

Step 1:

We let them pour the Kool-Aid packages in small cups

Step 2:

Added 2/3 cup of water for each cup and stirred the mixture until it dissolved.

Step 3:

We let the mixing fun begin… The longer the eggs are submerged, the more intense the color gets. Our eggs weren’t submerged that long. Luca and Kian were busy submerging the eggs, getting them out, dipping them again in a different color and just mixing colors. Each egg was getting more and more similar as the yellow color was changing into orange/red. Red is also the color which gives the fastest result, but also stains the fingers ( I still have some slight red finger tips the day after). It was a lot of fun, especially the mixing part…



Once the eggs were dried, we wanted to have a nice picture with the boys, but it wasn’t an easy task. When we finally got them on the chairs, it still took countless shots (including this one)

two broken eggs and some chocolate to get this one:

Happy Egg Dyeing everybody…

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