Happy Easter from our egg family… coloring easter eggs…

Since my sister and I were children, we enjoyed coloring easter eggs, but somehow they always kind of looked similar. For this year I had a great and really different idea. Let me introduce you to my egg family:

Papi, Mami, Luca, Giorgio, Bebi (the cat), Leo (the dog) and Nemo (the fish)!

Luca colored his first own (plastic) egg when he was 2 years old. We used finger paint, but he didn’t want his fingers to get dirty and rather used a paint brush. Last year in addition to coloring, we also used stickers.



When I told him about the idea of the egg family, he really loved it and wanted to make my sister, her husband and our parents as well. I convinced him to start with our family first….

We got all the materials ready. Blown out eggs, paint, paint supplies, tissue paper, cardboard, sharpies, wool, scissors, glue, fish line… really whatever we found. It was a fun game getting the table set up.

Luca decided to start with the latest family member: Nemo the blue and green fish. Next was Bebi, the black cat. He painted the egg and didn’t want to get his fingers dirty. (still my little boy). We used a wooden stick to hold the next egg and it worked great. Also a good way of drying the eggs.


After the two black eggs for cat and dog, we chose the colors for our faces. Luca suggested red, green and blue, but had just as much fun stirring brown, pink and white to get more accurate face colors. After painting the rest of the eggs, he painted two more colors in pink, orange, green and blue . We only had white wool, so I colored it for “our hair” and let it dry.


From this point on, I did the rest of the work and Luca gave directions. The animals have tissue paper ears and fins, cardboard noses and fish line whiskers. I painted the faces on the eggs, which was more difficult than anticipated. We glued the hair on our eggs and I used sharpies to draw eyes, noses and lips. First I was not very happy on how the faces looked, but with each giggle of Luca, I started to like the corky eggs more. He was actual jumping up and down with excitement and laughed about each egg. This made me so happy, it actual made my day yesterday. Tomorrow Luca will take his eggs to “show and tell” in his school. I think that will make his day. Let’s see.

We are planning to color hard-boiled eggs with Kool-Aid next week. I will keep you updated on how this will work out.

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