A pirate pinata for a pirate bash

Last weekend was super busy… We went to two incredible birthday parties on Sunday. I have to say two is a lot… but thankfully my husband Chris came too. Because of his crazy work schedule, I am normally going by myself with the boys. Also it is not really his thing. Crazy, no? I love birthday parties, children parties, actually parties in general (that’s nothing new). I also enjoy to see what other parents come up with…

There are so many themes and ideas out there and awesome things to do. I have a million party ideas for future parties for my family already – we will have an Italian Film Festival for the B-Day of Chris for example. But I also like them to express their own wishes. It was so exciting when Luca chose the Yoshi party theme. It came out so different and cool and I can’t wait what he will choose for his next party. He kind of thinks the Easter carrot party we are having in our backyard is only for him and I hope he doesn’t expect present.

I am really looking forward to the year we are throwing a Pirate Bash with a treasure hunt. I could already think about some “piraty ideas”, since the first birthday we attended was a Pirate Party and we made the pinata. I had all kinds of ideas, but in the end my sister and I decided to do a treasure box. Who doesn’t want to have gold and treasure. After some research, I designed the hardware, made the frame and started fringing.

The treasure box came out beautiful. It was a big success at the party and the kids loved the candy, little skulls and of course the gold.

The kids had a lot of fun in the bounce house and with their swords and pirate accessories. I had a big piece of cake, Chris his beer and everybody was happy.

The next party was in full swing when we arrived. It was a superhero pool party and had many great details. I loved the favors in particular. A super hero plastic cup with a cape, mask and a matching cookie from your favorite hero. I had another piece of cake, Chris another beer and everybody was happy ( I was a little cake sick).

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