A fun St. Patrick’s Day craft/game/math exercise for children – Pot of Gold – free template

While designing the St. Patrick’s Day Photo Props, Luca wanted to help me and asked a lot of question about the Props. Most interesting for him was the small rainbow over the pot of gold. We googled some rainbow pictures and I told him about the saga of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. At the same time he was “working” (because he loves to work like adults) with play dough. He first created some rainbows but after a while I asked him what he was doing and he told me he was making gold. Suddenly we were all pirates and he was making treasure. But Luca was not too happy with his gold since it looked all different. I couldn’t convince him that it was fine and we came up with a different method. We rolled out the dough and cut it out with Diet Coke lids. Now, the gold looked like actual coins and he was happy. I wanted to combine our “work” and connect it somehow to St. Patrick’s Day. I had the idea to print out 10 pots, numbered them and he filled the pots with gold. He did it twice in a row and afterwards invented his own game with the pots and gold. The next day Luca wanted to play the game again…. I was really happy how this project turned out.

I didn’t stop and forgot to save my template for the pots. But I did create another template afterwards. If you download it, please share your experience in the comment section. I would love to know how your kids liked the project…



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