most romantic Valentine’s Day gifts ever…


Since I am a hopeless romantic and my favorite color is pink, I also love Valentine’s Day. I think love should be expressed throughout the year, but why not have a special day other than an anniversary to surprise each other and celebrate the romance. I also like to decorate the house and for a short while my family lives in my crazy, pink Valentine’s dream.  February 14th also became a special date, when we found out I was pregnant with Giorgio that day. ( I think that was the top Valentine’s Day gift my husband and I both ever received and we had some pretty other nice ideas for each other). In general I love to be surprised with something romantic and unexpectant…
I think one of the most romantic presents that can be given to your love is a love letter that comes from the heart. I was thinking about a special and romantic way to present it and came up with heart boxes. Once I started experimenting a little, I had more and more ideas (I still get them and want to start working right away). The results are beautiful and I would love to get this from my Valentine! They hearts can be filled with a love letter, a poem, love notes, heart confetti, chocolate, candy (“dare I say an engagement ring”) or any other romantic gift you can think about. The possibilities are endless..
The Pinata Heart
The Double-Colors Heart
The Pedals Heart
The Decoupage Heart
The Glitter Heart
If you are interested in any of the hearts, please contact me at
More information will come soon…
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