DIY holiday decoration – orange clove pomanders with Luca

I am always looking for crafts, which I can make with my children (so far only Luca). It is so rewarding for both of us to craft together. Since he just turned 4 years old, the projects need to be easy and short. If they are messy and involve glue and paint, they get some bonus points. These Christmas oranges are perfect. (even without using glue and paint).

 I remember making these oranges in Germany as a child, so we tried it out last year with Luca for the first time. There were some difficulties pushing the cloves inside the oranges, but it was still a lot of fun. Now this year, I suddenly have an expert who can do everything by himself…

Materials needed: oranges, cloves, toothpicks, orange holder (egg cup)

There are many designs that you can do to make each orange unique. I prefer to cover the entire orange with cloves. It gives you a strong scent and lasts longer. But  a ring around the orange, a double or triple ring or any other design will loke nice too. You can add a ribbon and hang it on the Christmas tree or just place it on a big plate like we did.














Just poke the orange with a toothpick first and then insert the clove. To make it easier, we used the egg cup as an orange holder.














It makes the house smell like Christmas…


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2 thoughts on “DIY holiday decoration – orange clove pomanders with Luca

  1. Beatrice Young

    Luca really is an expert! How cute!

  2. Mr Luca has certainly grown since I last saw him…….what a handsome little man!

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