A baking advent calendar

Adventskalender, like they are called in Germany are a big hit in our house.  As children my sister and I always had the typical chocolate Adventskalender. About 10 years ago, I made her a calendar as a gift, the following year she wanted to have one again and gave me one in return. We are still making Adventskalender for each other every year and it became one of our traditions. Every year we have different themes and/ or colors and I will try to post some pictures soon. One important difference is the numbers. Our Adventskalender only have 24 doors.

Other than her, of course my husband gets an Adventskalender, most of the time very similar to the one for my sister. It is easier to stay in the same theme. So far, he received a calendar each year, since we began dating 7 years ago. I also receive one from him (we started that  little later). My sister makes a calendar for her husband and receives one back. Not every year, depending on the time, my Mom has received one calendar as well. Most important the Adventskalender for the children. Only Luca will receive a calendar this year, since Giorgio is still to small to really understand it. Next year, he will get his own. Other than that, we also have various calendars in our house. A chocolate version, several ones with pictures and one present I received from my grandmother.  Are you keeping up? This year, we will have and opened already 11 Adventskalender.

I loved the calendar, I received from my grandmother. It is a German receipe book with 24 of the best Christmas receipes for the advent. I use this book as an inspiration for my first online Adventskalender. Every day I am planing to post a receipe with pictures of my favorite Christmas cookies. I can already imagine smelling my house like Christmas…


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  1. Woh I love your content , saved to fav! .

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